I spend far too much time on the internet. Here are some of my favourite places to go.

My Live Journal blog:

Writing Resources

DAW Books:

The DAW online community:

Opportunities and markets for sf and fantasy writers:

Wonderlands, the online community for fantasy writers and readers:

The Write Fantastic, a group of interesting British sf and fantasy writers:

Deep Genre, an online collective of US sf and fantasy writers:

Another US online writers’ collective:

The Arvon Foundation, courses for writers in the UK:
I attended one of these, taught by Adam Roberts and Justina Robson, in 2006, and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Holly Lisle’s writing resources for sf and fantasy:

Writer Beware:

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America:

The Society of Authors (British):


These are some of my favourite writers.

Lisanne Norman:

Liz Williams:

Jaine Fenn:

Jacey Bedford:

Freda Warrington:

Tanith Lee:

Chaz Brenchley:

Justina Robson:

Adam Roberts:

Kate Elliot:

Ian Watson:

Alexandre Dumas and the Musketeers

Some of these are in French, but they are well worth visiting.

Alexandre Dumas, suites, plagiats, pastiches et hommages. This marvellous site, run by Patrick de Jacquelot, is devoted to sequels, homages and pastiches of the novels of Dumas, and especially the musketeers series and Monte Cristo. Although the site is in French, many of the books are in English:

The Dumas Society, a bilingual website:


Hong Kong Cinema

The View from the Brooklyn Bridge, an excellent review site:

Hong Movie Database:

Love Hong Kong Film, another review site:

Yuen Biao, my hero!:


The official website of the talented Chris McGrath, who drew the cover of Living with Ghosts:

Anne Sudworth, another wonderful artist:

Immanion Books, home to a lot of exciting new writers:

Newcon Press, publisher of terrific anthologies:

The History Press, who publish some of my non-fiction: