Short Fiction

I don't write a lot of short fiction, but you can find some of my short stories in these anthologies.

"Strong Brown God," in Farah Mendlesohn, ed. Glorifying Terrorism (Rackstraw Press, 2006). This one is out of print, but you can find the story on Anthology Builder. This anthology was created as a protest against a change in UK law.

"Seaborne," in Ian Whates, ed. Myth-Understandings (Newcon Press, 2008). This is a story about Gracielis and Thiercelin after the events in Living With Ghosts. One day I'm going to find out how they got there.

"The Whale's Daughter", in Liz Williams and Sue Thomasson, edd., Fabulous Whitby (Fabulous Albion, 2008). A story inspired by all those Hindi films I watch.

"Coldrush," in Ian Whates, ed., The Bitten Word, (NewCon Press 2010). Rarely, for me, a science fiction story. Ian asked for a vampire story, and my brain gave me space beetles. And black holes.

"The Birthday of the Oligarch," in Ian Whates, ed., Anniversaries: the Write Fantastic, (NewCon Press 2010). The wonderful Write Fantastic, of whom I have the honour to be a member, came together to write about anniversaries, in celebration of our 5th birthday. This story is about political change, clockwork and horse-feathers

"The Fortune-Teller Makes Her Will", in After Hours: Tales from the Ur-Bar, edd. Joshua Palmatier and Patricia Bray (DAW 2011). A story set against the Poisons Affair, which engulfed the Paris of Louis XIV. A panic, a plot, and a potion…

"Water-Called", in The Modern Fae’s Guide to Surviving Humanity, edd. Joshua Palmatier and Patricia Bray, (DAW 2012). A water witch and a black shuck have a mystery to solve, in a grim university town.

"Featherweight", in The Feathered Edge, ed. Deborah J Ross (Sky Warrior Books 2012). Set in the same city as "Oligarch", a ghost romance, with a touch of magic.